Following Denver's legalization of marijuana — and the subsequent partying that led some dispensaries to go dry — Best Buds has emerged and promises you an easy browsing experience to ensure you can track down an exact strain of weed for the best price in your general area. Finally, you'll never have to spend another day without sticky-icky-purple-astro-sour-diesel-mega-kush again! 

This app fixes your awful vertical videos before they happen
With Best Buds, you can browse the product menus of Denver dispensaries, view their information and store hours, search for specific strain types, and even get exclusive deals and rewards — all from the comfort of your phone. We're hoping Washington gets in on this soon... as well as the rest of the nation.
Best Buds
You can even filter your results according to price, strain, and the closest dispensary and there's a digital punch card that can be redeemed for free stuff. Free weed stuff. This is the best reason to buy a smartphone since Tinder... or Candy Crush.

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