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Posted on 3/13/14


Klassen is a German company specializing in making ultra luxurious — and occasionally armored — vans for people so far up the food chain that the company refuses to give out the names of anyone that's bought one. Dissatisfied with only building vans that beat up on Maybachs for breakfast while retaining a "noble straightforwardness" of design, they've gone and built the Klassen Viano, and it's almost definitely the world's most extreme luxury stretch van.

They start off with a regular Mercedes Sprinter Van, then chop it in half, add a whole new middle section, and put it all back together just like a stretch limo. It's pretty slick on the outside...
...but as with many things, it's what's inside that counts. In this case, that's a lot of counting: several cows' worth of leather, a TV, motorized trays for eating and drinking champagne from a motorized champagne cabinet, and a biometrically-controlled safe, because obviously. Because you shouldn't have to get up to do, well, anything, ever, pretty much everything is controlled by a handy app. Just... watch the video, then mop up the drool on your keyboard.
Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and this van is nicer than his house. Follow him on Twitter.

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