The FABtotum is a multipurpose "personal fabrication device" — about to crush its goal on Indiegogo — that combines the technology of a 3D printer, a 3D scanner, and a CNC milling machine all in one microwave-sized package. Wondering what that means? Well, basically it's like having a hyper-efficient mini manufacturing facility on your countertop.

Not only can it turn out plastic objects seemingly from thin air (like any other desktop 3D printer currently on the market), but it can make perfect digital copies — and subsequent printed plastic duplicates — of any relatively small object, much like the Photon 3D Scanner. It would make life a whole lot more convenient: you wouldn't need to fish around for misplaced screws or hardware; or a missing button for that blazer.

Want something "printed" in a material other than plastic? No problem, just switch to milling mode, and it'll use precision "subtractive" tech to cut, carve, or engrave anything from foam to metals.

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