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Posted on 3/18/14


With a work schedule that can have them trotting the globe week after week, world-class DJs know better than most how great sleeping in your own bed feels. And for Avicii — the baby-faced 24-year-old Swedish mega DJ/producer who regularly rakes in a cool $200,000 per night — sleeping at home just became a whole lot cushier since he purchased this sprawling concrete and glass house in the Hollywood Hills. Get ready to seethe with jealousy as we peek inside.


Nestled atop Los Angeles like a jagged spaceship, the 7,000 plus square foot modern marvel — which Avicii (a.k.a. Tim Bergling) paid $15.5 million for back in November — offers sprawling views of the cityscape from nearly all off its five bedrooms...
If he's anything like the typical party-hopping 24-year-old, this epic kitchen probably doesn't get much action. Odds are the fridges are empty save for vodka, Red Bull, Sriracha, and pizza? Very good.
And while it's hard to imagine that staring down below at the plebes could get old, there's a screening room to keep the visual stimulation fresh. Skyfall up in the sky anyone?
The airiness of the place is punctuated with a series of connected water features, beginning with an H2O wall in the driveway that flows into an ornamental pool before hitting this spa down below...
...and eventually into the mesmerizing infinity pool of acrophobics' nightmares.
It's no doubt the most epic of party pads, but good luck crashing any of his: the security system employs special fingerprint recognition tech. Although if they're anything like his live shows, you may very well be able to sneak in under the cloak of heavy smoke and lasers.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor and regrettably not a Swedish wunderkind.
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